5 ways to sell art online

- September 24, 2019 -

5 ways to sell art online

Selling your art online using an existing platform allows you to take advantage of an existing audience as well as an existing sales tools, without the need of develop neither by yourself. But before starting with any of these platforms you should do your research and analyze which ones best fit your art practice.

Here is the list:


INPRNT is free online gallery to sell & buy prints, postcards, phonecases. You can use this service to sell illustrations, photography or graphic design works. But keep in mind, all works are curated by other artists, so you can join only by invitation or through a short application process. More information is here.

2. Displate

Displates are prints too, but on… Metal. The membership is 100% free and the sign up is very easy. All you need to do is upload your best designs and they do the printing, customer service, and marketing for you. You get a commission for every purchase and you can earn up to 25% extra of the total sale value made through the special Share and Earn link.

3. Society6

Society6 is an online print on demand website that allows you to upload your artwork and turn it into a nearly infinite number of products. Using the platform you will be able to transform your artworks into phone cases, stickers, t-shirts, shower curtains and of course posters & prints.

4. Artquid

Artquid is an online art gallery for artists to upload and sell their art. The main differential point is that Artquid allows artists to create a 3d gallery that allows collectors to really visualize the artworks, helping the sales process.

5. Etsy

Etsy is good shop service to sell handmade, vintage, custom and unique gifts for everyone. Also you can sell your digital goods. Just open and customize your online shop & use suggested advertising options.

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